About Me

Why I’m In This

I became a lawyer to help families like mine.

Now I want to give back to help families like yours.

My Story

When I was young my older sister was involved in a horrific car accident that left her severely injured and eventually took her life. That experience was transformational not only in my career but in my life as a whole. I knew then that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping other folks in desperate situations.

This experience led me to pursue a career path in counseling, earning both my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in recreation therapy and counseling. I found the work rewarding and fulfilling but limited in scope. I felt I could make a larger impact in the legal field and after almost ten years working as a Rehabilitation Counselor, I decided to apply for law school. I attended Quinnipiac University’s School of Law, graduated in 1998, and passed the bar that same year. After several legal jobs, I decided to “hang up my own shingle” in 2002 and have run my own private legal practice in the heart of beautiful midtown Reno ever since.

I have built my legal reputation by representing good people in bad situations: those who have been injured and mistreated. I passionately share the truth about my client’s injuries before jurors and the courts and have had success from District Court to the Nevada Supreme Court. I have been active in the legal community outside of the courtroom as well as serving on the board of the Nevada Justice Association.

It is no secret that Judges wield tremendous authority in their courtrooms and in Nevada both the appeals process and the voters place a check upon that authority. Since applying for law school and seeing “Lady Justice” I have had the ambition of being a judge. Lady Justice is a symbol or morality, portrayed as blindfolded with a balance and a sword.

With the promise to take these values (morality, blind justice, balance, and courage) with me to Washoe District Court, Department 10 – I am asking for your vote in the November General Election.

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